Mould Eradication Kit

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Our Mould Eradication Kit is a compact treatment which includes everything required to deal with small outbreaks of black mould. MEK’s are approved under C.O.P.R. 1986 (as amended) by the Health and Safety Executive for both amateur and professional use and have been extensively used by Local Authorities and Housing Associations for over 25 years for solving mould problems.

Contains sufficient materials to treat 10-12m² of mould.

Pack Contents:

1 x RLT Bactdet 05 (200ml)
1 x RLT Halophen (200ml)
2 x MGC Fungicidal Additives (50ml)
1 x Mixing Bucket
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x Pair of Gloves
1 x Paint Brush
1 x Instruction Leaflet

Mould Eradication Kit

Quantity of Mould Eradication Kits Unit Cost (exc VAT)
1 £58.00
12 £37.50
72 £33.72
144 £31.48

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