Humidity Control Thermometer

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Our Humidity Control Thermometer is an easy and inexpensive way for tenants and homeowners to anticipate and avert “Cold & Dampness” problems in the home. Condensation is a major problem throughout the Country for Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Private Landlords and homeowners.

The Humidity Control Thermometer is a vital and cost effective tool for assessing the risk of condensation, measuring air temperature and air moisture content. The thermometer allows the householder to regulate the heating and ventilation to minimize condensation, help prevent mould growth and provide a more comfortable living environment.

When the dial is in the BLUE sector additional heat is required to increase the room temperature, when in the RED sector some ventilation is required to reduce the room temperature and lower the humidity. The GREEN sector indicates the ideal room temperature for comfort and healthy living conditions with no risk to health.

Humidity Control Thermometer

Quantity of Thermometers Unit Cost (exc VAT)
1 £12.00
100 £8.08
250 £7.48

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