Black Mould Treatment Packs

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Our Black Mould Treatment Packs are used for treating medium to severe mould contamination. The system comprises of RLT Bactdet 05, which is used to kill and clean the mould off the surface of walls and ceilings, and RLT Halophen, which penetrates into the substrate to kill the roots and form a fungicidal barrier. The MGC Fungicidal Additives can then be incorporated into the new emulsion or wallpaper paste, ready for decorating.

These packs are similar to our RLT packs but are suited more to customers who have their own PPE.

Contains sufficient materials to treat 10-12m² of mould.

Pack Contents:

1 x RLT Bactdet 05 (200ml)
1 x RLT Halophen (200ml)
2 x MGC Fungicidal Additives (50ml)
1 x Instruction Leaflet

Black mould treatment packs

Quantity of Black Mould Treatment Kits Unit Cost (exc VAT)
1 £36.00
15 £23.20
30 £22.80

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