Who is Mouldy for?

Tenants, landlords, housing associations and estate agents looking for ways to reduce mould in their property portfolio.

Condensation is now one of the most common causes of damp in the UK, with poor ventilation often being the main source of the problem. Mould causes thousands of pounds worth of property damage each year and has even been linked to some health problems. We have serveral ways to prevent and eradicate mould.

Why do you need Mouldy?

As landlords move to make their homes more energy efficient, ventilation can be reduced – particularly in older properties. The removal of chimneys and the fitting of energy-saving measures such as PVCu windows and doors, can all reduce ventilation. Older homes were originally built to ‘breathe’ – allowing the moisture to naturally evaporate out of the property, and these energy saving measures can prevent this from happening. Our housing association tenant pack is an excellent way to reduce these problems in letted properties.

Sample Of Mouldy Tenant Video.


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Housing Association Tenant Pack.

Tenant Mould Information Pack

How can Mouldy help you reduce property damage and repair bills?

Mouldy has several products and long term solutions to eradicare mould. Our educational animated DVD and booklet are a great resource for social housing providers and private landlords who wish to reduce expensive surveys and call outs, and subsequent remedial works, within their property portfolios.

How mouldy prevents the cause of mould

Mouldy is aimed at prevention by reducing the causes that lead to mould growth. Mouldy aims to inform his audience on how small changes in living habits can have a dramatic effect on the amount of condensation forming in their homes, which in turn will reduce mould growth. The Help Reduce Mouldy campaign is an engaging and fun approach for imparting key information and makes change a relatively dry (excuse the pun!) subject, into a vibrant and fun topic that a wide range of audiences can engage with.