What is ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’?

Campaign to reduce mould

Mouldy is the key innovative character in our campaign to reduce mould. He was developed to feature in an animated video aimed at helping landlords combat and reduce condensation related mould in their property portfolio.

The concept of Mouldy has since evolved, and the ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ campaign was launched at the CIH Housing Conference on 27 June 2016 in Manchester. The campaign has been expanded to include an associated booklet, to advise tenants on how to combat mould growth, and Mouldy also has his own social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here tenants can find out more useful hints and tips about mould eradication and keep up to date with new products we have on offer. A range of Mouldy merchandise has been produced to help social housing providers and landlords promote the ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ campaign to their tenants. These can be found in our online shop.

The ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ campaign was the brain-child of Business Improvement Manager Rachael Warnes of NPS Group. Rachael comes from a performance management background and is a fully chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. Having carried out lengthy research into the subject of condensation related damp, Rachael developed the concept of ‘Mouldy’ with a team of building surveyors and creative designers at TEN Creative. Using information and feedback gathered from people who have suffered from condensation related damp, ‘Mouldy’ was born.

You can watch an excerpt from the ‘Reduce Mouldy’ animation on this page. If you are interested in using the ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ animation to better inform your tenants and would like to preview the full video, please do not hesitate to get in touch.