Who is liable for mould damage (tenant or landlord)?


Who should pay to repair cosmetic and structural damage from mould in your rented property? The responsibility of mould damage is a common issue in rented accommodation across the UK and is a problem that can have many contributing factors. As a result, it can be hard to pin-point who is liable for mould treatment […]


Simple Ways to Identify the Cause of Mould in your Home

cause of mould

Condensation, Penetrating Damp or Rising Damp? So what is causing the damp and mould within your property? Household damp is a major issue for the UK housing sector. It often leads to mould growth which can create severe damage to walls, skirting boards, flooring, windows and doors.  Thousands of pounds are spent on call out […]


Three Steps to Treat and Eliminate Condensation Related Mould from your Home


Three Steps To Remove Mould. How to treat mould! Eradicate mould from your home or property portfolio. Step one: TREAT THE MOULD Before treating any mould issues a word of caution; mould can cause health problems and allergic reactions. Protective gear should always be used to avoid any direct contact with mould spores. Make sure […]


Top Tips to Prevent Condensation Mould in Winter


1. Keep your home at a constant 18-22°C during winter Did you know that condensation forms when warm moist air hits a cold surface like a window or wall? It’s a fact that on average humans produce about 1/3 of a litre of water vapour per individual, per day, just through breathing. This is why bedroom […]


It’s Christmas Jumper Day!


Christmas Jumper Day! It’s Christmas Jumper Day TODAY! Here is mouldy showing his support. Get everyone together, wear silly festive knits and donate to save children’s lives. Donate as much as you can to help make a difference.


Xmas Colouring Competition


Christmas Colouring Competition To celebrate the run up to Christmas we are giving away twelve Mouldy goody bags! To enter the prize draw all you need to do is download and colour in our new Christmas Mouldy picture and send your entry to: mouldy@reducemouldy.co.uk for your chance to win. Add your name, age and location. Prizes for […]


New products in our online shop


Mould Products Online Shop It is now just over a week until our big launch at the CIH Housing Conference in Manchester. We’re very excited about all of the things we have lined up and the merchandise has started arriving on our doorstep. As of next week, lots of new products will be appearing in our online […]


Partnership confirmed with MGC

Mould specialists

Partnership with MGC Mould Specialists It’s official! ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ are now in partnership with Mould Growth Consultants who are mould specialists. We are very pleased to have MGC on board and we will be working together to provide housing associations with information about reducing mould, through our DVDs and booklets, and also products that will […]


The Reduce Mouldy booklet is complete!

mould information booklet

Mould Information Booklet The ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ campaign first started out as an animated video for housing associations to educate their tenants on what causes mould and how best to deal with the problem. The video and the character of ‘Mouldy’ proved to be so popular and successful at promoting mould information that it became clear […]


Help Reduce Mouldy Campaign Launch

Reduce mouldy campaign

Reduce Mouldy Campaign We are very pleased to announce that we will be officially launching the “Help Reduce Mouldy Campaign” at this year’s CIH Housing conference on 27th June in Manchester. The conference runs over the course of three days and will examine and explore the political and policy environment, the economic outlook and the latest thinking […]