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New products in our online shop

Mould Products Online Shop

It is now just over a week until our big launch at the CIH Housing Conference in Manchester. We’re very excited about all of the things we have lined up and the merchandise has started arriving on our doorstep. As of next week, lots of new products will be appearing in our online shop such as ‘Reduce Mouldy’ t-shirts, pens and post-its and we will continue to add products to the shop over the coming months.
We’ve spent lots of time finding the best suppliers and choosing the products we really think will help landlords promote the ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ campaign to their tenants. Although the main driver behind the ‘Mouldy’ campaign is a very serious one, as mould causes problems for many people all over the UK, we really want the campaign to have a fun and uplifting side to it. Mould in the home is a very unpleasant experience but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, with the help of ‘Mouldy’ homes can be free of mould in no time.

If you think the ‘Help Reduce Mouldy’ campaign would be beneficial to you and your tenants, why not start the ball rolling today and take a look in our online shop.